Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake

This Easter was a difficult one for me. In February, my husband and I joined Weight Watchers. We’ve had incredible success (I’m down 23 pounds so far!), and while we are able to eat whatever we want as long as we plan for it, it’s sort of frowned upon to eat nothing but dessert and candy, which is pretty much what I eat at Easter.

So this year, I did some research and determined that Angel Food Cake is actually a pretty Weight Watchers-friendly dessert. For those counting Points Plus, Alton Brown’s Angel Food Cake recipe is only 6 points a slice if you cut the cake so that you get 10 slices (which is incredibly easy to do). I even mascerated my strawberries in a little of the free sample of Truvia I recently got to further reduce Points.

Angel Food Cake

This was my first time baking an Angel Food Cake, so not only did I get to try a new recipe, I also got to buy a new toy– a tube pan. Win-win situation!

I was very intimidated by this recipe and was worried that the egg white mixture was NOT going to fluff up. I shouldn’t have worried. Ol’ Trusty the KitchenAid Mixer took care of it. The cake puffed up just like it was supposed to and even released from the tube pan with minimal effort.

The cake was a hit at Easter dinner where at least half of it was polished off after dinner. The strawberries and Truvia lent a perfect amount of sweetness and the cake was light and airy and tasty! I used lemon extract in my cake and the lemon and strawberry flavors were delightful together.

If you’re looking for a lighter dessert, I would definitely recommend this cake and Alton Brown’s recipe. Also, make sure your eggs come to room temperature before you whip them, or it will take an exceptionally long time and you’ll start to think you royally screwed up.

Week Fourteen: Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes

(Both cupcake recipes this week came from “More From Magnolia” by Allysa Torey.)

I meant to post this yesterday, but it totally slipped my mind. Anyway, this week was kind of my cheat week, as I mentioned last week. I’ve baked these vanilla cupcakes about a million times, and they are my go-tos when I need cupcakes fast. And as I mentioned last week, I was pretty sure I hadn’t made the chocolate cupcakes before, which turned out to be true. They were as easy as the vanillas:
Chocolate cupcakes

These cupcakes were baked as the blank canvases for children at my work to decorate for Easter and springtime. One of my co-workers also baked some chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Together we ended up with about ten dozen!

I decorated a few cupcakes beforehand to give the kids ideas:
Decorated cupcakes
From left to right, that’s Worms In Dirt, Peep Chick with Eggs and Peep Rabbit with Eggs.

The Worms in Dirt was my favorite. I chopped Chocolate Graham Crackers in my food processor to create dirt:
Chocolate Graham cracker dirt

I frosted the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and then rolled it around in the ‘dirt’. A gummy worm was added. I tried to make a little grass with green frosting, but it didn’t work out so well:
Worms n' dirt

The kids also had the option of just dumping tons of candy on their cupcakes, which seemed to be the most popular choice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos.

Sorry this week’s entry is so short. But stayed tuned this weekend when I attempt to make cream puffs for Easter. And hopefully the blog entry will be super-exciting.