About Me


Hello reader! Can you believe thebrooklynbaker.com wasn’t already taken? Neither could I, which is why I snapped up that address faster than a souffle could go flat.

My name is Kiesha Jenkins-Duffy. I am 33 years old and I live in Brooklyn, New York (as you may have guessed). I moved to Brooklyn five (!) years ago from Columbus, Ohio with my husband, our cat and dog and a massive collection of baking items.

I keep myself busy these days with my job, as well as far too many extracurricular activities. I love the incredible comedy scene in New York and Brooklyn and attend a lot of those shows. I also love any chance I can get to see my favorite band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. In between work and shows, I bake.

I don’t bake for profit; I bake for fun and for the happiness a simple cupcake can bring to a family member, friend or coworker. I’m not against the idea of baking for profit someday; that day is just not today. Maybe in the future I’ll have my own catering business, but for now, I’m happy lugging my three-tiered cupcake carrier (affectionately named Big Blue) through subway turnstiles and throngs of tourists. I’m not afraid to use it as a weapon.