Holiday Baking Wrap-Up

It’s taken me a while to recover from the holidays this year. We did a lot of traveling around New York and New Jersey and I did a ton of baking.

First up were goodies that I baked for the Winter Warmer party Rob and I hosted on December 23. We invited a few friends over for holiday beers, cookies and homemade eggnog.

Gingerbread Cookies
These were vegan gingerbread cookies. This year I saw lots of pictures of using upside down gingerbread men to make reindeer, so I made an attempt. I’m not much a cookie decorator, but I think I got the idea across.

Eggnog Cupcakes
Next up were Eggnog Cupcakes. Since we were making the homemade eggnog, I decided to continue the theme. These were not made with the homemade eggnog though; I just used the boxed Jack Daniels’ brand. These were okay, but I think I would definitely prefer to use the eggnog cupcake with a Cinnamon Rum Frosting.

Next up were cupcakes that I baked for my sister-in-law’s annual holiday party on the 24th in Queens.

Vegan Christmas Ornament Cupcakes
These were vegan vanilla cupcakes with vegan vanilla frosting. I mixed up my own colored sugars and then decorated the cupcakes to look like ornaments. I used pretzels to make the hooks.

Finally, I spent about six hours on the 23rd baking five different cookies for cookie boxes to give as presents. This was a marathon baking day, but I think it turned out okay. My boxes didn’t turn out quite as cute as I hoped. If I do them again next year, I’m going to take more time to find materials to line the box, rather than using foil and scrapbooking paper. Ah well, it’s the taste that counts.

Christmas Cookie Box

Christmas cookie box close up

Christmas Cookies
The cookie boxes consisted of three non-vegan treats, pictured above. These were Iced Ginger Cookies, Peppermint Twists and Lemon Chewies.

Vegan Christmas Cookies
The vegan cookies were traditional sugar cookies and Pinwheels.

Cookies for Santa
And, of course, I had to leave a few out for the Big Man.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I’m really looking forward to 2012. Speaking of which, you can sample some goodies at my first event this year– The 10th Birthday Party for Largehearted Boy at Word Bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on January 26. There will be two authors reading birthday-themed pieces and a special musical guest. I’ll be baking Fauxstess Cupcakes! You can read more information about the event here.

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