Mr. Met Cake Pops

In early September, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend of three years got engaged. They held an engagement party over this past weekend, and I volunteered to bake vegan cupcakes for the event (more on those in a future post). But I knew I wanted to do something else, something personal and special…cake pops.

But not just any cake pops, Mr. Met cake pops. Megan and Michael have an intense love affair with the Mets. Their spare bedroom/office is decorated with enough Mets memorabilia that it rivals the gift shops at Citifield. Mr. Met even made a special guest appearance at Michael’s 30th birthday party earlier this year.

Stealing an old photo

Look at his perfectly round head… So well suited for a cake pop.

A cake pop, for those uniformed among you, is a ball of cake and frosting dipped in candy coating. Oh, and it’s on a stick. For a tutorial and photos that will make your jaw drop, visit Bakerella, the endlessly talented lady who has elevated the ball of cake and frosting to an art form.

So I set out to create Mr. Met cake pops. I did a little testing in the weeks leading up to the engagement party. I made pumpkin cake pops and cat cake pops, neither of which was documented. There was much swearing and gnashing of teeth in the pursuit of the perfect pop. By last Wednesday, I was ready to go.

The beginning stages of Mr. Met cake pops

Forming the cake balls was the easy part. I mixed white cake with vanilla frosting and put the balls in the freezer to chill. Meanwhile, I melted the white candy coating and gathered my white Tic Tacs (his nose, of course), and started dipping.

Everything actually went pretty smooth. Only two cake pops fell off the sticks, and only three pops ended up with light bulb heads.

Then the drawing began. I spent the better part of an hour drawing on the faces and then retired for the night. I came back the next night and added the stitches. Then I set to work on the hats, which I formed out of marzipan.

When they finally came together, they were pretty darn cute.

Mr. Met Cake Pops

They made a lovely addition to the party.

Mr. Met cake pops!

The bride and groom with their cake pops.

The Bride and Groom with their cake pops

And finally, all good (and cute) things must come to an end.

Mr. Met cake pops

Update: The wonderful Bakerella posted these guys over at her website! I’m a Pop Star!

8 thoughts on “Mr. Met Cake Pops

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  2. Hi– First of all, you are SO talented! I am trying to make these for my boyfriend’s suprise party, and they didn’t turn out so well! What brand of marker’s did you use, and what brand of candy? I bought Wilton markers and they are terrible, or maybe its my candy coating? :( So sad! However, they taste great at least!

  3. Hi Beth!
    Thanks so much!
    The Wilton food markers suck. I’m not sure what you can actually use them on, but it’s not Candy melts. You’ll need to get the Americolor Food Writers (you can get these on Amazon). Also, if you’re thinning out the candy melts, use shortening instead of oil – the markers work MUCH better that way.

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. We are Huge Mets fans! I have to make these! Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the bakerella shout out!!

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