NYC Food Twitter Round-up

I spent a good part of today following new mobile food vendors on Twitter. I even made a list of all the New York area food vendors that I follow. I thought people might be interested, so here’s the list of people I follow:

Wafels & Dinges, my personal favorite. A beautiful yellowy truck that delivers Belgian waffles and a variety of toppings, including the addictive graham cracker-y spekuloos spread. They are Twitter addicts, so you’ll never have to wonder where the truck is parked, and they always offer a free dinges for answering a question or performing a task that they assign. Today for instance: “Tell us how many more Mel Gibson rant tapes will come out.”

The Treats Truck, mobile bake sale, stocking classic cookies and brownies. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this place, but I am now following them so I can see where they park and remedy this situation.

Cupcake Stop, a cupcake truck. I haven’t stopped here yet, but I’ve noticed that they are pretty close to my work on some days, so I may hit them up soon.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, mobile ice cream. This one is elusive! I’ve never seen it in person, but I’ve heard a lot about it.

Rickshaw Truck, specializing in dumplings. I’ve only caught a few fleeting glimpses of this beauty, but now I’m following them, and as soon as they get close enough to my work or home, I’m going to attack.

The following Twitterers are stationary, and definitely worth a visit:

Baby Cakes, probably the most famous vegan bakery in New York City. They have a cookbook. And they have tons of loyal customers, including celebrities like Jason Schwartzman. They update their Twitter account every day with the various goodies they’ve got in stock for the day.

Sweet Melissa Patisserie, Park Slope location, an amazing bakery on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Twitter updates are infrequent, but often awesome. They haven’t done this since February, but for a while they were offering cookies or cupcakes with a drink purchase if you had the code word from Twitter.

The current issue of New York magazine (the ‘Cheap Eats’ edition) features a two-page spread with adorable cartoon versions of many of NYC’s mobile food vendors. You can see the images and information here, but that spread is amazing. I want a print to frame and hang in my kitchen. Here’s the Wafels & Dinges truck:

Wafels & Dinges

Oh, I’m on Twitter too. You can follow me here if you’d like.

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